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Best Uses for Window Graphics in Lake Forest IL

The local business community knows that you have to catch the interest of consumers quickly – before a competitor does so. Because business districts cluster primarily around railway stations, commuters in a time crunch want to know a bottom line special or deal before making a quick buying decision. Of course, the more leisurely-minded weekend shoppers also need some enticement to enter one business versus another. The use of window graphics in Lake Forest IL, makes it possible to address both consumer groups and provide the incentive needed to visit your storefront.

Use Your Windows to Communicate Product or Service Benefits

window graphics in Lake Forest ILWhat is in it for the consumer? Explain to passersby why they should stop by, make an appointment, or buy your products.

  • In-house specialist. Choosing your business over a competitor’s becomes easier if you have an expert on duty. This expert could be a chiropractor who specializes in sports medicine, a hair coloring professional versus a hair stylist who has received some training, or a shoe-sizing specialist who ensures that the shopper leaves with a pair of shoes that fits perfectly on the foot. Advertise this fact by devoting at least two full panes to perforated vinyl window covers.
  • Full-service establishment. Consumers get frustrated when they have to make appointments at various locations or visit a variety of stores to complete a purchase. Brand your facility as a full-service venue. For example, a locksmith might advertise the availability of key fob replacements alongside traditional services. For a clinic, it makes sense to highlight the onsite availability of a phlebotomist, X-ray machine, or pharmacy.
  • Deals. How much money can the buyer save at your store? Offer coupons, discounts, specials, and highlight additional savings opportunities with decals and window lettering.

Lettering Informs, Brands, and Combines with Decals for Marketing

window graphics in Lake Forest ILVinyl window lettering is a must for the storefront or office with a glass door. Use it to spell out your company’s name, display your hours of operation, and offer contact options online or by phone. When you combine the letters with graphics, they have the power to underscore your marketing messages and heighten the interest in specific promotions. Lettering also offers explanations that prevent confusion.

We recommend combining inventory descriptions with decals featuring manufacturer names and logos. By co-branding with these companies, your customers develop a sense of product awareness, which allows them to connect your business with the availability of goods they have come to appreciate. The next time that a shopper is in need of these products, s/he will visit your storefront rather than hope that a competitor will carry the item.

Ordering Window Graphics in Lake Forest IL

Customization is a fundamental component of a successful window graphics presentation. Contact our experts to discuss your plans for adding these marketing tools to your windows. We work with you to put together a collection of products that clearly communicate your brand, heighten awareness of your inventory and provide shoppers with the information needed to make a buying decision. Contact us today to get started on your project.

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