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Best Vehicle Wrap Colors in 2017

Vehicle wraps are a bold and unique way to advertise your company and the products and services you have available. Even though they only come in two options, full vehicle wraps and partial vehicle wraps, you still have an assortment of exciting choices when it comes to color. Check out some hot new vehicle wrap colors for 2017.

So Many Shades to Try

One new and different theme for this year is gradients. Consider a full vehicle wrap with a royal red that majestically fades into a glorious gold. That could be a dignified choice for an elite contractor or upscale home repair service. Another great color scheme is the red-to-purple gradient, which also evokes royalty. That would be excellent for a fabric supplier or an arts and crafts outlet.

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Color Themes and Schemes

Another trend for vehicle wraps this year is colors that complement each other, or work well together. Light blue and dark purple is an example of this, and that could be useful for a van or truck that’s the primary vehicle for a pool cleaning business.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, a cool silver that fades into a warmer shade of green with hints of yellow is a bold option. While these colors aren’t what you would normally consider complementary, they do make your vehicle stand out.

And the Color of the Year Goes To…

According to Pantone, the color experts company, this year’s color is a friendly, warm light green. Pantone has labeled the color “Greenery”, but whatever you want to call it, it could be a fun and lighthearted choice for a vehicle wrap background. Try it for a landscaping business, or maybe a quirky caterer. The choice is yours.

Try Something New

If you think your current color scheme isn’t working, don’t be afraid to do a little more research into the trends listed above. Maybe one will be the ticket to profits galore!

Get Your Custom Vehicle Wrap

Whatever vehicle wrap color trend you decide to go for this year, Apex Signs and Graphics can help you with a custom color consultation. We have an experienced team of graphic designers who would love to make your vehicle wrap dreams come true. Act now for a free quote!

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