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Directory and Wayfinding Signs: A Guide

Directory and wayfinding signs are an integral part of large office complexes, hospitals, and research facilities. These signs are useful for customers and visitors, because they help them navigate the building or group of buildings. Read on to learn more about these essential signs, and how you can use them in your business to maximize profits.

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Directory Signs

Most people don’t enjoy getting lost in a large building where all of the hallways and doors look the same. Therefore, get right to the point and help your visitors out by installing a professional-grade, high-quality directory sign at the front of each entrance to your building. This kind of sign lists groups of room numbers, sections of the building–like maternity or surgery for a hospital–and lets people know where they can find some food if your company offers that option.

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Wayfinding Signs

While having a general directory is a good start, wayfinding signs help point the way to your customer’s destination as they travel within your building. These usually consist of arrows with a brief description and picture of what’s ahead. For example, if you run a department store, you probably don’t want people getting lost trying to find customer service. You can put up a little picture of a person with a phone or desk. Even a lowercase “i” with a bold circle around it can suffice.

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ADA Compliance

According to the ADA, or Americans with Disabilities Act, your directory and wayfinding signs must meet certain standards for compliance. Braille should be included in directional signs, and all signs should have high dark-to-light contrast. This helps people who have vision impairments see the sign more easily. It can also help to make sure that you’re using a font that’s clear and simple to read. This aids people with dyslexia.

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