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Fabric vs. Vinyl Banners

Consumers have become conditioned to pay attention to banner displays. Whether it is the temporary nature of the presentations or the fact that this medium is almost always used to communicate great deals and specials, the shopper stops to take in the message. But do you know what material to choose? Our evaluation of fabric vs. vinyl banners makes it easier for you to decide.

Fabric Banners are Ideal Interior Displays

Vinyl BannersAdding chic and pizzazz to the interior of your store, gallery, museum, church, or similar setting is a snap with fabric banner products.

  • Polyester material. We make the products with 9-ounce polyester. The material resists wrinkling. If a crease does happen, you can remove it with a hand steamer.
  • Finishes. Choose a satin finish for a light sheen or opt for a matte presentation to prevent glare from nearby lights to create unwelcome reflections. Depending on your location, the use of a satin finish easily heightens the elegance of the display.
  • Mounting. Many of our clients commission fabric banners with a vertical orientation that they mount with wooden dowel rods. When passed through the grommets we install, this presentation is unique.

Vinyl Banner Presentations are Suitable for Interior and Exterior Uses

Vinyl BannersAlthough it is possible to use fabric banners on the exterior of a building, doing so substantially cuts down on the material’s longevity and the product’s overall good looks. For the outside, nothing beats vinyl.

  • Mesh. The availability of mesh lets you hang double-sided vinyl banners between two trees or above streets. As the wind blows, it will not tear the material but instead simply pass through.
  • Double-sided print. At this time, fabric is not a suitable surface for double-sided printing. Vinyl, on the other hand, allows for dual imprints. The use of an 18-ounce material, in particular, makes it possible to create appearances that do not allow shadowing even in bright sunshine from the other side.
  • Excellent in all weather conditions. We use UV-resistance ink to print banners. The vinyl does not lose its marketing appeal even in pouring rain.

The Final Verdict: Vinyl Banners Win for Versatility

Vinyl BannersHowever, fabric banners come in first for display elegance. If you are in the market for an interior sign that must present with pizzazz, elegance, and sophistication, you cannot go wrong with fabric. Even the slight rippling that airflow in a business will cause the material to display is an eye-catching feature.

That said, for all other needs, the vinyl counterpart is the right choice. Durable, easy to transport, suitable for countless re-uses, and stunning when presented with the right mix of marketing and artistic designs, these items make excellent statements when you place them on building fronts and inside stores or offices.

How to Buy Your Next Banner

Contact our graphic artists to discuss your banner needs. We schedule a consultation with you that helps select the right material, design setup, and mounting option. If you already have graphics on hand, we incorporate them into your designs. If you still need help with finding the right images, we can assist you with that, too. Call us today to get started on your project.

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