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How Property Management Companies Use Barricade Graphics for Branding

The goal of any property management company is to present a building, ongoing construction, or even a vacant lot in the most attractive way possible. When the vista is not necessarily great looking because of renovations, you do have the option to enhance the overall appearance of the venue and advertise the management company with barricade graphics for branding.

Dress up Chain Link Fences with Banners

Barricade Graphics for BrandingChain link fences are part of the security measures property managers put in place to prevent pedestrians from inadvertently walking across active construction sites. But these barriers do not necessarily look very attractive. It is possible to create a step and repeat banner look with your company’s name, logo, and contact information by using vinyl mesh. Allowing the wind to pass through the material prevents damage and eliminates the need for wind slits, which frequently obstruct a full view of the product. By the way, this setup also works well to hide some scaffolding.

Encourage Prospective Tenants to Sign Leases with Wall Wraps

Barricade Graphics for BrandingWhen you manage shopping centers, malls, strip malls, and areas with plenty of smaller storefronts, you usually have a few that are vacant or in the process of undergoing remodeling. It is possible to market and brand your company while presenting compelling reasons for prospective tenants to contact you.

  • Name drop. There is no shame in name-dropping. In fact, if you just scored a major tenant or anchor store to come in, offer to handle the barricade as well as the associated graphics and present the company’s corporate information and colors. Then, add your management company’s information for other interested tenants to call.
  • Encourage visionaries. Perhaps you are overseeing the development of a new mixed-use building. Some venues will be retail spaces, and some may be offices. Block the view into the empty spaces with barricades but let each one feature different colors and fonts, which gives the illusion of a rapidly filling setting. Suggest that a space might be ideal for a veterinary clinic, a technology retailer, or a junior market. Seeing your information, it is easy for business owners who catch your vision to contact you.
  • Rely on a motion. Present graphics that detail an action in its various stages. Because barricade graphics are usually long, you may be able to repeat it a few times. When passersby see the images, they frequently do so because of the motion they present. We can work with you to find a particular movement that would be ideal for your setting and branding needs.

Discuss Barricade Graphics for Branding with the Experts

Barricade Graphics for BrandingIf we have piqued your interest in presenting your properties in an entirely new way, contact our graphic artists for more information on the products and the options open to you. We incorporate your artwork and add stock images as needed to fill the space with niche-specific graphics. Moreover, we help you to decide on brief messages that create a call to action prospective tenants can respond to. Call us today to schedule your design consultation!

Barricade Graphics for Branding