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One-Stop Guide to Monument Signs for Lake County IL

Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and Highland Park are just some of the business communities that regularly contact our specialists when needing monument signs for Lake County IL. Since our experts are well versed with the zoning regulations set forth by Lake County officials, we have put together this one-stop guide to monument signs that could benefit your business today.

Location of a Monument Determines Size

monument signs for Lake County IL Although some zoning regulations spell out maximum heights and widths, choosing the right size within these guidelines requires a good understanding of your proposed mounting location. The majority of our business clients like the idea of presenting this signage product as part of their landscaping near the entrances to parking lots, which helps with deciding on the right dimensions to stand out (without sticking out).

But in some situations, this placement is not feasible. In these settings, we suggest placing the product so that nearby landscaping style elements heighten its visibility. For example, every motorist is bound to notice a tall tree. Place a monument sign nearby to capitalize on the natural attention getter.

Choose a Durable Material You Will Love in a Decade

monument signs for Lake County IL By design, monuments are durable signage solutions. Pick out a material that you will find as attractive today as you might in a decade.

  • Brick and mortar. This construction setup is among the most long-lived options open to you. It is also one of the oldest designs and ideally suited for companies that like to highlight their old-fashioned approach to customer service and care.
  • Aluminum. Another long-lived material, aluminum portrays the contemporary side of a business. When you add push-through acrylic letters and built-in LEDs, you have a monument that lights up after dark.
  • Foam. Pre-fabricated foam monuments are vastly popular now. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes that support single and multi-company advertisements. Opt for appearances that mimic bricks, lumber, and stucco as well as any combinations thereof.

The Facing Supports the Brand Message

monument signs for Lake County IL Depending on the makeup of your monument, you frequently have as many options open to you as you would have when selecting a building sign. Channel letters, box cabinets, dimensional letters, vinyl lettering, and even LED reader boards are among the choices we usually discuss with our clients. We have already touched on the additional option that an aluminum setup brings to the table.

Many business owners like to choose a facing that mimics the signage for the building’s façade. If you manage a property that houses multiple businesses, you may favor a blade or modified box cabinet design. In the latter case, it makes more sense to brand the shopping center or office building rather than to display each company’s individualized brand appeal.

Buying Monument Signs for Lake County IL, Businesses

Discuss your signage need with our product specialists. Whether you already have a vision of the finished product you would like to see in front of your business, or you are uncertain which style would best suit the location as well as your niche, we can help. Contact us today to schedule a design consultation and a site survey.

monument signs for Lake County IL