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Summer Sign Trends

Summer is almost here, and with the change in seasons come some new trends that you should know about. Learning more about sign trends and keeping up-to-date with them will help you and your business keep afloat in these changing times. If you’re interested in learning more about some hot new signage trends, read on.

All of the Lights

What’s a good way to get your customers to notice your business in a quick and attention-grabbing way? LED signs, of course! These are bright, vividly-colored digital signs that can be programmed with computer software. This means that you can put whatever you want on them, from graphics to lettering to logos. Add a digital display with music videos to get those millennials to come to your business.

Large Lawn Signs in Lake Bluff IL

Lawn Signs

For the summer, check out lawn signs. These simple signs can promote your company’s products or services on, well, lawns! They are made of aluminum, generally speaking, which is sturdy yet flexible. The posts can also be made of metal, wood or vinyl. Double-sided panels are best, as your message will be seen from both directions. If you place your lawn sign in a high-traffic area, it will be seen by many people, practically guaranteeing you new customers.

Vinyl Banners

Outdoor Flags and Banners

If your company is attending an outdoor festival this summer, outdoor flags and banners are a great choice. Outdoor flags come in three styles—falcon, feather and teardrop. Banners can be made of vinyl for wind and weather resistance, which is good for those days when the sky looks threatening. Outdoor banners can also be made of fabric, which is excellent for faith-based organizations or non-profits.

Get Your Summer Signs

Whether you choose LED signs for your restaurant, lawn signs for your real estate business or an outdoor flag or banner for a fun and hip street festival, get your summer signage now. Apex Signs and Graphics can create any or all of these trendy signs, so call now to get a free quote.