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Top 4 Tips to Read Before Ordering Custom ADA Signs

To label the permanent spaces in your store, service establishment, or office, you need signage that complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). But compliance with the law does not have to translate into the display of drab one-size-fits-all products that your competition might use. Instead, opt for custom ADA signs that meet regulatory guidelines while presenting your brand message with style. What do you need to know before placing your order?

1. Harness the Beauty of Shadow Play with the Raised Lettering Requirement

Custom ADA Signs
The goal of compliant signage is the presentation of potentially life-saving information to visually impaired consumers. By labeling permanent rooms with signs that spell out their functions, you ensure that in an emergency everyone can safely evacuate immediately. The combination of raised characters, Braille II dots, and (sometimes) pictographs defines the message. When you add dimensional letters in an ideal color contrast to a frosted vinyl panel, you allow for beautiful shadow play that adds pizzazz to any setting while allowing for tactile reading.

2. Braille II Dots Can be Invisible for Clean Lines

Custom ADA SignsThere has been a lot of confusion about Braille II dots. For starters, these dots have to be present, but they do not fall under the color contrast category. In short, they can blend in perfectly with the background color of the sign, which enhances the presentation of clean lines and heightens the great looks for stark color contrast. For the modern office environment that thrives in an ambiance of chrome, glass, and marble, this is excellent news. We can adjust ADA markers to feature black on white lettering in the right font that supports the atmosphere of the setting while also meeting all the needed regulations.

3. Show off a Logo with Full Colors and Still Comply with Color Contrast Rules

Custom ADA SignsMany clients have believed that it is impossible to feature a corporate logo with compliant signage because of the color contrast rule. This is a misunderstanding of the applicable law. The Act spells out that compliant signage must feature a no-glare finish and recommends a 70-percent color contrast. You can achieve this look and still feature your corporate logo by presenting it as a side image with muted tones behind a lightly frosted vinyl surface. Although doing so does not show the crisp lines and tones you would feature in a brochure, the technique enables you to enjoy the best of both worlds: branding and complying.

4. Metal Plaques Add Chic, Style, and Sophistication to a Space (and pass muster!)

Custom ADA SignsFor an ultimate display that marries style and chic, you cannot go wrong with cast metal plaques. The design process ensures that your message stands our while a customized backdrop design provides for the color contrast. Metal looks fantastic in any setting. Additionally, it is durable and lets you use these signs for years or decades to come.

Buy Custom ADA Signs

Contact the ADA compliance experts at Apex Signs & Graphics, Inc. to discuss your next order of permanent space signage. We work with you to find a design concept that allows for an attractive presentation of your brand message while satisfying the letter of the law. We serve the business communities in and around Lake Forest, Gurnee, Vernon Hills, Libertyville, Waukegan, and Lake Bluff, IL. Call us today to schedule a compliance check walkthrough and design consultation.

Custom ADA Signs