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What Can You Do with Window Wraps in Lake Bluff IL?

Do your window panes take on an active role in advertising your business? Are they instrumental in getting consumers to interact with your company’s brand? If they do not, and if they do not function as display presenters, it is time to call the experts at Apex Signs & Graphics, Inc. to discuss the design and installation of window wraps in Lake Bluff IL.

Different Wraps for Different Occasions

window wraps in Lake Bluff ILDo you want folks to be able to peek inside but not really see much more than shapes? Frosted vinyl makes an excellent wrap for stand-alone glass panes or all of the panels facing the street. The material comes in a variety of colors, which is suitable for supporting the brand message of your building sign. If you really want to tease passersby and pique their interest, consider adding some random etchings.

To keep eyes out altogether, select opaque vinyl that features the advertising message. A perfectly designed look with an expertly installed appearance makes any advertising stand out, which helps your storefront to become a highly visible part of the streetscape. For long-term displays that also allow light to enter the storefront or office, we recommend the installation of perforated vinyl. It imprints with your marketing message and presents as an opaque surface on the outside; on the interior, however, it allows you to see out and permits light to enter the venue.

Who Orders Window Wraps? (And for what?)

window wraps in Lake Bluff ILWe have worked with a broad range of clients who request customized wraps for the windows of their offices, stores, or similar settings.

  • New businesses undergoing renovations. If you are taking over a storefront but are still in the build-out phase, introduce the company’s name, logo, and a brief niche explanation. Franchisees like to present a website address that lets prospective customers learn more about the business well in advance of opening day.
  • Established companies with so-so views. When looking in your windows does not offer any meaningful brand interaction for the customer, it makes sense to obscure the view inside. This is usually the case when the vistas include the backs of shelves, storage areas, or the restroom doors. A colorful advertising message makes a lot more sense in this situation.
  • Retailers in need of seasonal displays. Compel shoppers to step closer with cleverly imprinted window wraps that include cutouts for peeks inside the venue. Set the mood for buyers, entice customers to find out what is behind the obscured window glass, and show off the relevance of your products for the current shopping season or occasion.

How to Buy Window Wraps in Lake Bluff IL

Contact our graphic artists today to learn more about the options open to you. We show you how a fully customized window wrap changes your storefront setting from blah to wow. Moreover, we handle the design, manufacture, and installation of the product. Get a new look that lets you stand out from competitors before the shopping season starts in earnest. When you contact us right now, we can schedule your design consultation right away.

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