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Directory Signs and Wayfinding Signs are a Perfect Combination

Large, multi-story buildings can be a pain to navigate. And getting lost on your way to an important meeting or interview can ruin a first impression. Visitors and tenants alike will appreciate a little guidance as they traverse the corridors of your space. Wayfinding signs and directories are the best way to make sure that anyone entering your building finds their way to the right office or department. But you’ll need the right combination of these signs to ensure the job is done the right way. Directories and wayfinding signs by Apex Signs & Graphics will guide your guests and save everyone time.

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Directory Signs

You’ll often find directories in the lobby of buildings. This is a prime spot to place these signs, informing people of the proper floor and suite number as soon as they enter the building. These shouldn’t be the only directories in your building, though. To multiply the benefits of your lobby directory, add smaller directories to your upper floors and elevator lobby.

As people move through your building they’re likely going to forget where they’re heading at some point. By providing smaller directories in convenient places, you’ll ensure that your visitors don’t wind up returning to your main lobby to figure out what floor and suite number they need to find. You don’t have to put these all over your building, but placing them in strategic places can take a lot of pressure off of your visitors. For example, you could place these in your elevator lobby for easy reference. Or you can place them on walls on your upper floors.

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Wayfinding Signs

Multiple directories are just the first step to making your building easy to navigate. Having wayfinding signs that will guide your visitors to the right doors and important areas in your building. Wayfinding signs can be customized to suit your needs and your brand. These signs can even be enhanced with reflective coatings, making them easier to see in low-light.

Wayfinding signs will show your visitors the direction they need to take to find the offices and departments they’re looking for. They’ll also guide people to vital parts of your building, like restrooms, stairwells and emergency exits. These signs can be crucial in emergency situations and ensure people don’t panic while trying to find a way out of your building.

Wayfinding Signs | Lake Bluff | Lake Forest | Libertyville IL

A Good Combo

By combining lobby directories, upper floor and elevator directories, and wayfinding signs throughout your building, people coming into your building will never have to stop and ask for directions. This winning combination directs visitors from the moment they walk through your doors until they walk back out of them.

If you’re looking for directories and wayfinding signs for your building, call our team today to discuss your options!