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Exterior Building Signage Examples for Vernon Hills IL Prove Customization Works!

Customization is the kind of term you frequently read when paging through advertisements of sign shops. What does it mean? More importantly, why does it matter for your business? A group of exterior building signage examples for Vernon Hills IL, shows the extent of the practice and the impact it has on the consumer. Notice how each sign puts a personalized spin on the company’s brand message. Your customization questions – answered!

Electrical Cabinet Signs Make Branding a Snap

Exterior Building Signage Examples for Vernon Hills ILThere used to be a time when the rectangular lightbox cabinet was the only game in town. The majority of businesses that selected this building signage product would also pick this geometric shape. Then, dedicated sign makers proved that the box was only a starting point. For example, when forming the box to take on the silhouette of a niche-specific image, the addition of channel letters mounted to its top creates an unusual appearance that results in instant brand awareness. Spelling out the niche explanation with vinyl letters placed on the front of the box cabinet further heightens the marketing potential of the sign.

Channel Letters Generate Name Recognition by Emphasizing Font and Color Use

Exterior Building Signage Examples for Vernon Hills ILThere are three basic types of channel letters (in addition to unlit versions):

  1. Front-lit. The light escapes through colorful fronts. Featuring the corporate color palette, nighttime illumination heightens the branding message.
  2. Halo-lit. An elegant presentation of the sign draws the eye and lets the consumer take in the font details against the illumination that comes from behind the building sign.
  3. Front and backlit. Combine the two lighting choices for a best of both worlds display. Introduce multicolored LEDs to heighten the appeal of the color even more.

After dark, the bright lights demand attention. Because of the eye-catching setups, consumers repeatedly take in the message, which results in name recognition that you can easily trigger with print ads.

Dimensional Letters Impress with a Broad Range of Display Setting Varieties

Exterior Building Signage Examples for Vernon Hills ILTypically, a building sign is mounted flush to the façade. In the case of channel letters, you might find them mounted with a raceway. But imagine how you can impress consumers with a sign mounted perpendicular to the wall! Jutting out, featuring an attractive substrate, and showing off dimensional letters and style elements that outline your logo and lettering, these signage solutions are well suited to act as mnemonic devices. Once again, customization works in your favor.

Talk to the Experts and Learn More about Customized Signage

Mind you, the examples we just discussed focused on the use of typical building signs. Now, factor in the impression you can make with a customized exterior sign suite that transitions to made-to-order interior signage solutions. By focusing the tenor of your sign messages on custom rather than mass-produced shapes, fonts, and colors, you succeed in creating an environment that is unique to your company.

Boost brand awareness with exterior building signage. Examples for Vernon Hills IL, business owners clearly show the advantages of this approach. Call our specialists today to learn more.

Exterior Building Signage Examples for Vernon Hills IL