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Functional Spine and Sports Brands with Custom Dimensional Letters in Libertyville IL

Located at 900 Technology Way in Suite 240, Functional Spine and Sports is in the practice of pain reduction, injury recovery, and mobility restoration. Athletes seek out the services of this clinic to overcome recent hurts, undergo curative treatments, and boost their chances of preventing a re-injury of the affected area. Because the clinic recently moved into a new office space that is still situated in the same building and even on the same floor, its management team nevertheless needed assistance to put together a new set of custom dimensional letters in Libertyville IL, for branding purposes. The team contacted us for help.

Consulting with the Client

Custom Dimensional Letters in Libertyville ILWe met with our client to discuss the best options for the new space. Our technicians took wall and door measurements to provide better input on sizing and overall depth presentations. After conducting our site survey, we suggested the design of a dimensional letter lobby wall sign. This product is a relatively new trend in lobby signage. Rather than limiting the display of the style elements to a smaller part of the wall’s upper third above the receptionist’s desk, this presentation allows for a more generous wall display that stands alone.

Because the wall backdrop features a rich brown tone, we recommended the use of style components featuring aluminum laminates. They spell out the business’ name and feature the logo. Each style element has just a little space in between it and the next one, which allows the color of the wall to show through. Doing so, in turn, creates a highly visible definition that looks fantastic. For the door, we created frosted vinyl decals that mimic the appearance of the dimensional wall letters and the logo. Underneath, we placed the doctor’s name, specialty, and contact information.

Why the One-two Punch?

Custom Dimensional Letters in Libertyville ILWhy did our client invest not just in a lobby sign but also in door lettering? We like to call this a one-two punch because it underscores that one signage solution does better when another one supports it. In this case, the lobby sign supports the brand communication that the door lettering starts. By seamlessly picking up the branding in this manner, the lobby sign fulfills its primary focus: impressing the consumer. It allows the client to make the gut level connection that persuades a shopper to sign on the dotted line and make the buy.

For this reason, clients agonize over the selection of just the right material for their products. Aluminum is a metal. The latter creates the impression of stability, financial success, and a long-term outlook on being in business for decades to come. These are all qualities you want your orthopedic assessment specialist to possess. After all, most therapies call for long-term interventions.

Order Custom Dimensional Letters in Libertyville IL

Custom Dimensional Letters in Libertyville ILYou do not have to be a soft tissue specialist to recognize the importance of branding your business. Dimensional letters are suitable for building signs, lobby markers, and even window graphics.

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Custom Dimensional Letters in Libertyville IL