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How to Make the Most of Lawn Signs

Lawn signs are a popular option for signage. These displays are quick to set up and easy to remove. They’re also highly customizable. These signs are a great option for businesses like landscapers or developers. They’re also great for small businesses or people who work out of their homes. Particularly during the summer, these signs are also a perfect option for advertising events like neighborhood lawn sales, summer concerts in the park or any number of festivals and fairs. Regardless of what you’re using them for, make sure that your lawn signs are being noticed with these tips from Apex Signs & Graphics.

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One of the first design decisions you’ll need to make with your lawn signs is color choice. The colors of your sign are incredibly important. You want to make sure that the colors on the sign match any colors you already use in your marketing, branding and advertising. This consistency is a big part of good branding. You’ll also want to make sure that your colors are highly visible. Especially during the summer, with green grass and flowers in bloom, you’ll want to make sure that your sign stands out. That means picking colors that will pop. You’ll want high-contrast colors to make sure your signs are visible even at a distance.


You’ll also want to make sure that your sign copy is pristine. The message that your sign displays is as important as the colors you choose. Spelling and grammar mistakes reflect poorly on your business. They make you look unprofessional and lazy. Some mistakes can even totally change the meaning of your signage. This can cause all kinds of problems, from simple confusion to legitimate PR nightmare. Double check that your copy is without errors and that it clearly displays the most relevant information.

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The last quality of the perfect lawn sign is making sure it’s in the right place. That means choosing an area that will be visible to passersby and making sure you keep the area unobstructed. Nothing will ruin the work your lawn sign does more quickly than a poorly maintained lawn. You’ll want to make sure that grass and weeds don’t overgrow your sign and cover your message. You’ll also want to check that there aren’t hills or trees making it impossible for people to see your lawn sign until it’s too late.

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