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Understanding Channel Letter Signs in Lake Bluff IL

If you want to display your company’s name with one of the most popular signage solutions currently available, you cannot go wrong with channel letter signs in Lake Bluff IL. The deceptively simple construction of the product belies its superior branding and advertising applications. For the business owner who is thinking about the purchase of a channel letter sign, this primer is a must-read.

Construction Basics Depend on Illumination Choices

channel letter signs in Lake Bluff IL We manufacture channel letters from sturdy, hard wearing aluminum. Shaped to present the font of your letters, we build the frames to hold polycarbonate or acrylic facings. From here, the complete assembly depends on your choice of illumination.

  • Front lit letters. When you want the light to shine brightly through the fronts of your letters, we install the plastic accordingly. After dark, the illumination causes the color to display with bright boldness.
  • Backlit feature. Backlit letters create a halo effect. We close the fronts with aluminum and paint the letters in your chosen colors. After dark, the light escapes through the backs, which we close off with clear acrylic.
  • Combination. When you want the best of both worlds, we recommend the combination of both illumination choices. Although it weakens the brightness of the lighting somewhat, it nevertheless creates an attractive and highly noticeable light effect.
  • Open-face design. Reminiscent of the old neon signs that used to be the hallmark of America’s love affair with film noir, these products are ideal for avant-garde, minimalist, and similar settings.

By the way, you can also order non-lit channel letters. The majority of our clients prefer this signage solution for its illumination, however.

Wall Makeup and Lease Agreements Determine Installation Options

channel letter signs in Lake Bluff IL The installation of channel letters depends in large part on the details of your lease agreement. Sometimes, these agreements spell out which signage solutions may be installed directly to the facades and which ones must present with different mounting techniques.

  • Flush mount. In this scenario, we fit the letters directly to the wall. This gives your façade a neat appearance. It is only possible to do so when our technicians can gain access to the backs of the letters from the building’s interior. If you have HVAC ducts or electrical panels in these spots, flush mounts are not an ideal choice.
  • Raceway installation. The raceway is a narrow box that contains the sign’s electrical wiring. We paint it in the same color as the façade, which makes it (optically) disappear. Since we need far fewer drill holes when mounting your channel letters, property owners frequently prefer this installation method.
  • Panel installation. When the color of your façade and the color of your letters do not offer sufficient contrast, we suggest the installation of the letters to a panel, which we then mount to the wall. By painting the panel in a color that harmonizes with both the wall and the letters, you can still display your corporate colors but also get the contrast you need.

If we have inspired you to buy channel letter signs in Lake Bluff IL, contact our graphic artists to schedule your design consultation. If you are not certain yet, ask these experts any questions you may have.

channel letter signs in Lake Bluff IL