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Window Graphics are a Great Option for Your Storefront

When it comes to storefront signage, there are few options that are as versatile and eye-catching as window graphics. Window graphics are a perfect option for businesses with large storefront windows. These graphics add character and displays relevant information at eye level. This means they’re bound to get your business noticed by pedestrians and vehicles. Window graphics by Apex Signs & Graphics are highly customizable. These graphics will add flash to your windows and add privacy to your storefront.

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Our digital printing services allow our team to create personalized window graphics for your business. We create graphics that will match your existing marketing perfectly. Your windows can display the exact colors and font that people have come to associate with your business. They’re also very easy to install and remove. That means you can change them out from season to season to advertise different sales and specials. Or if you decide to rebrand, you won’t have to worry about a lengthy period where you have to close your doors to business just to change out your signage.

The Right Height

When people pass by your business, your storefront windows are usually at the perfect height for a display. People won’t have to crane their necks to see a sign several stories up. And this means your window graphics will be easy to see from a moving vehicle as well.

One of the downsides to your windows being at such a convenient height is that people can look in easily. For some businesses, this may be beneficial. People can walk by and window shop, taking notice of what the store sells and how happy shoppers look as the mill about. But for certain businesses like restaurants, privacy may be a necessity. People don’t like to be gawked at while they eat and a bank may not want client information easily viewable through a pane of glass.

Add Privacy

Window graphics can provide the perfect amount of privacy depending on your needs. If you need to totally block the view of your space as people pass, window wraps can totally cover your windows. But if you’d like just a bit of privacy for your dining room, our window graphics can be made to cover just a section of your windows, letting light in, but keeping the view of your patrons to a minimum.

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Window Graphics for Your Business

Window graphics are a great way to steal attention on a busy street or sidewalk. They’re a versatile tool that can provide different services for your business, depending on your needs.

If you’re interested in window graphics for your business, call our expert team today!

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