About our Decals, Labels, & Stickers

When you commission decals, labels and stickers, you have the opportunity to present your company’s information on a smaller scale with displays on durable goods, vehicles, and product packaging. Each product is made to order, which ensures that you receive the right item for your needs.

  • Decals with high adhesion. This product option appeals to commercial clients who require products for manufacturing or industrial usage. Examples include machine labels, rental equipment decals that identify your business as well as contact information, and indoor or outdoor safety stickers for electrical and mechanical appliances.
  • Vehicle window stickers. Choose from clear or perforated vinyl. Clear decals are ideal for the display of a company’s name or logo. Because of the material’s transparency, you can see right through it, which makes it safe to operate your vehicle with the product in place. Perforated stickers or decals offer one-way visibility, which lets you see out but does not let those on the outside look inside the car, truck or van. This option is the right product for a full rear window cover.
  • Opaque labels. Contour cut vinyl labels adhere to any non-porous surface such as glass or metal.

Areas We Serve

Located in Lake Bluff, IL, Apex Signs & Graphics, Inc. serves the business communities in and around Lake Forest, Highland Park, Libertyville, Gurnee, Vernon Hills, Waukegan, and of course Lake Bluff. Contact us at info@apexsignsandgraphics.com for information and assistance or call us at 847-604-4321.