About Our Etched Vinyl Privacy Film

Obscure the view into your office or property’s windows for privacy. Whether you operate an open-concept office that turns your conference room space into a fishbowl-type setup, or your desk is situated at a window that is only feet away from a busy bus stop, etched vinyl privacy film makes concentrating on your task at hand a snap.

  • Maintain privacy. Human resources departments, attorneys, financial sector companies and those in the business of counseling clients understand the value of natural sunlight but also the downside that large windows bring to their professions. Privacy and confidentiality are difficult to maintain with clear glass. Etched privacy film makes it impossible for prying eyes to intrude.
  • Beautify glass panels. Too much glass gives a space a cluttered appearance. With everything clearly visible, there is no place for the eye to rest. Since etched vinyl comes with a broad range of decorative touches and colors, the material is not only functional but also ornamental in appearance. Opt for displays of raindrops running down a window or similar textured presentations.
  • Branding opportunity. By cutting out your company’s logo and name combination from the privacy film, you display your brand information across the space.

Areas We Serve

Located in Lake Bluff, IL, Apex Signs & Graphics, Inc. serves the business communities in and around Lake Forest, Highland Park, Libertyville, Gurnee, Vernon Hills, Waukegan, and of course Lake Bluff. Contact us at info@apexsignsandgraphics.com for information and assistance or call us at 847-604-4321.