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A Quick Sign Guide for Retailers

Any retailer worth their salt knows that signage is critical to their store’s success.  Retail signs help advertise, inform and educate customers about new sales and hot offers. But how do you decide which type of sign is best for your retail business? Learn more about the various options for retail signs so you can decide which option is perfect for you.

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Cabinet Signs

What’s the first thing your customers will see when they walk up to your store? Your storefront, of course. Hopefully you will have installed a decent-sized cabinet sign that accurately and positively reflects your brand. While you obviously want to comply with local regulations regarding signage size, bigger is generally better for cabinet signs. They can even be backlit or edge lit, which is an attractive option for stores that stay open into the evening hours.

A-Frame Signs

Another type of exterior sign is the good old A-frame sign. Sometimes these are called “sandwich boards.” This kind of sign is great for advertising special sales or limited-time offers that are going fast. You can put any sort of advertising material on A-frames. For example, an old-fashioned chalkboard background is great for promoting items that perhaps have a quirky charm to them, like handmade jewelry and vintage scarves. If you wanted a more modern approach, there’s a new type of A-frame called a snap frame, which would be great for a surfboard company or outdoor clothing store.

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Channel Letters

You want your company’s name to be seen from a distance, right? Channel letters are a great opportunity to accomplish just that. These can be front-lit or backlit, so everyone visiting your store can see its name, even in the dark. They also come in a variety of colors to match whatever color themes you are using.

Window Graphics

This is an obvious one. Window graphics, like vinyl lettering and decals, are a crucial aspect of retail advertising. Make sure that the window graphics you choose match your brand’s message and logo, along with any sort of color scheme you have. Go bold with primary colors for children’s clothing, or use subtle gradients for beauty supplies and cosmetics. It’s up to you. You can be as creative as you like.

Get Your Retail Signs Now

Since you’ve gotten a little bit more information about the different types of retail signs, go ahead and choose which ones fit your brand and budget. Give Apex Signs and Graphics a call today to get a free quote and Advance Your Brand.

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