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The Perfect Combination for Outdoor Event Displays

The summer season is a great time for outdoor events and gatherings. These events are great opportunities for your business to get involved with your community and get noticed. If you are planning on attending an outdoor event or trade show this summer, make sure that your business is putting its best foot forward. Make sure you’re turning heads and building your brand with the perfect combination of event displays by Apex Signs & Graphics.


event displays in Lake County IL

An outdoor event means that the weather will be something you need to contend with. A tent is the perfect solution for protecting yourself and your display from the summer sun. You don’t want the sun to wreak havoc on your display. And you really don’t want to be sunburnt while you speak to prospective clients and partners. A tent will provide shade for you and anyone who stops by. And in the event of a sudden summer shower, you won’t have to worry. We make tents with your logo and name on them, so your business will stand out even over the heads of a large crowd.


Event Displays in Lake Bluff IL

Your tent will display your name and logo at a distance and draw people in your direction, but you’ll want something at eye-level to grab the attention of people closer to your display. Printed vinyl banners are a great option to place just outside your tent. These eye-catching banners will turn heads and get people close enough to your tent for you to engage them. Banners will interest people enough to draw them in to check out the rest of your display. And because these banners are made from vinyl, they’ll hold up to sun, wind and rain.



The final piece of the perfect outdoor event display is an accessory for your table. Table throws and literature stands, for example, are great options. These table-top displays will be the final focal point that keeps people interested as you pitch your products. And it will help them remember your business when they’re looking for your services in the future. As you speak you can even use these items as talking points or as part of your presentation.

Event Displays for Your Business

Our outdoor event displays are a great option for your business. Whether you’re a restaurant providing food at a county fair or your marketing your business at an outdoor trade show, we can create the perfect branded display for you. And all of these display options can be used indoors, making them versatile and reusable.

If you’re interested in an outdoor event display, call our expert team today!

Event Displays in Lake Bluff IL