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Advertise Hot Deals with Window Decals

When you’re a business owner, you know you need to be smart about how to advertise your products or services. You might be wondering how to get that limited-time offer out to the public, so you can get more visitors to turn into repeat, valued and reliable customers. Or maybe you’ve got an ongoing offer that needs a better means of advertising. Well, window decals are a great option for these instances and many others. Learn more about this cool trend.

Window Decal Materials

Window decals are primarily made out of vinyl that is either perforated or opaque, for whatever your needs are. Perforated decals let light through and opaque decals do not. They can be applied to the window with adhesive for a more permanent presentation, or you can choose to use decals with static cling. These can be moved around and more easily removed, if you’re using them for a seasonal sale, for example.

Lots of Color Options

Window decals come in a variety of colors. Choose bright primary colors—red, yellow and blue—for a bold statement, or gradient shades of colors for a subtler look. A mainly black and white window decal with a splash of bright colors could be great for a beauty salon that offers the trendiest new haircuts and spa treatments.

Seasonal Displays

Back-to-school? Christmas? Valentine’s Day? All of these holidays and more are obviously great times for new sales and great deals. Advertise your hot seasonal deals with window decals, and people will flock to your store. Along with the classic images associated with these yearly events, use red and green for Christmas, and bright simple colors for back-to-school. For Valentine’s Day, get your pinks, reds and whites ready for the adorable romantic feeling these colors evoke.

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Get Your Retail Window Decals Today

Since you’ve learned the basics of how to advertise great deals with window decals, get them now so you can be prepared for any sale you have coming up at your business. Apex Signs and Graphics offers quality window decals at an affordable price. Call now for a free quote.

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