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Best Types of Advertising Signs for Lake Bluff IL

Lake Bluff is a unique business setting. Intent on preserving its small town look and feel, local officials keep a close eye on the types of signage that companies may display. At the same time, the friendly community and availability of real estate for business ventures make this an attractive locale for new and expanding enterprises. What are the best types of advertising signs for Lake Bluff IL?

Choose Window Graphics to Expand on a Building Sign

advertising signs for Lake Bluff ILThe small-town feel is particularly evident with the large windows that so many storefronts feature along East Scranton Avenue. Repeat your company’s name and logo with vinyl window lettering and graphics on your glass panes. Doing so on each glass panel is a good idea. For the doors, we recommend adding information that is of value to your customers. Examples include your hours of operation, contact information, and a website address.

Reel in Foot Traffic with A-Frame Signs

advertising signs for Lake Bluff ILAre you located near the Village Green? Capitalize on the weekly Friday morning farmers’ market attendance by putting out A-frame signs that appeal to produce and baked goods customers. Before they visit the stands, or perhaps after finishing selecting their wares, they might stop in to see what you have for sale. Something as simple as a sign spelling out “Open” or “Red Tag Sale” will pique the curiosity of many shoppers.

Since some of these shoppers may come from nearby downtown Chicago, remember to spell out your company’s name on the A-frame as well as the niche you represent. Those who are not familiar with your company will appreciate the opportunity to learn more.

Banners Announce Seasonal Sales and Special Events

advertising signs for Lake Bluff ILIf you have some part in the annual Fourth of July Parade, announce the event and your involvement on a temporary banner. These signage products are ideal for catching the eyes of consumers because they are synonymous with limited-time offers and specials. If you are a new transplant to the area and want to advertise your grand opening celebration, the banner is once again the best signage solution available. Once established in business, plenty of entrepreneurs find that using banners to announce sales, seasonal special offers, and similar promotions work quite well.

Buy Advertising Signs for Lake Bluff IL

Discuss your signage needs with a graphic artist from our full-service sign shop. Since we handle the permitting process for our clients, we can tell you right away if the sign you are thinking of commissioning will get the approval of local officials. When you have big city ideas, let us help you translate them into small town sign products that contribute to preserve the look and feel of the area while also doing justice to your marketing and branding messages.

Of course, if you are doing business in the nearby industrial park section, signage regulations are a little more relaxed. There, we can help you select the products you need to lead consumers to your venue. Once there, window graphics, A-frames, and banners support your building sign and its brand communication. Contact our professionals today to schedule your design consultation.

advertising signs for Lake Bluff IL