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Fun Ways to Use LED Signs

LED signs have been called “the future of signage.” With their bold colors, crisp, sharp lines and programmable software, this kind of sign is trendy and hip right now. The best part is, you can use these signs for a variety of signage purposes—the sky’s the limit. Just put your thinking cap on and get creative. Read on to learn about some cool tips and tricks for LED signs.

The Basics

A good starting point for anyone new to LED signs is to just start with the basics—and don’t be afraid to make mistakes! Try an LED sign to showcase your business hours. To make it even simpler, use one that merely tells the customer when you’re open or closed. These usually come in colors like red and blue, which are eye-catching and make your sign easy to read.

Let’s Get Creative

If you’re already well-versed in the basics of LED signs, feel free to do extra with them. You can do flashing displays that alternate text, scrolling displays for product updates and much more. The flashing displays can even include different colors, for a fun and varied experience. And don’t worry, you can control the speed of your scrolling LED display so that everyone is able to read it. If you want, you can add LED-style graphics to your sign. Perhaps you could create a simplified version of your company’s logo and program it into the LED sign. Get quirky and your company will benefit.

Digital Displays Make an Impact

If you’re really feeling creative, how about a fancy, illuminating and immersive digital display? You can put your LED sign next to or paired with music videos, news clips and more. This sort of multimedia display is popular with younger generations, so you can be certain that millennials will flock to your business.

Get the Perfect LED Sign

Now that you’ve learned about some creative options for LED signs, go ahead and find out more about what LED signage Apex Signs and Graphics has to offer. Get a free quote today and get that LED sign you’ve always wanted.