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Why are Lobby Interior Signs So Important for Your Business?

When someone walks into your office, what is the first thing they see?

If the answer is a large, blank wall, then that answer is wrong.

A client, whether new or existing, should be greeted with a lobby logo sign. Lobby signs identify your brand and show that you are an established business – not a company parking in that office space temporarily.

While the sign itself is critical, how you design it is equally important to making a positive impression.

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General Rules to Consider When Purchasing Lobby Interior Signs

As a business owner, you want your lobby logo to speak to your brand and resonate with visitors. Therefore, incorporate a few of these best practices to get the job done:

  • Fonts: Keep fonts crisp, neat and easy to read. While you can embellish, be sure readability is not sacrificed for style. A sign with complicated lettering is not only difficult to read, but something people will ignore.
  • Size: Size your lobby logo correctly. Naturally, you do not want a beast of a logo taking up an entire wall in reception. At the same time, you do not want a sign that looks out of place because it is too small. Aim for a balance and keep it to the proportions of the office.
  • Simple: Lobby signs are not advertisements. Therefore, all you need on your sign is your logo and company name. Some businesses will incorporate tag lines or mottos under their business name, which is fine. However, make sure you have the room.

Order Interior Signs from Design Professionals

While you can order interior lobby signs from anywhere, collaborating with a professional is always best.

Apex Signs & Graphics, Inc. can help you design an interior lobby sign using many letters, shapes and materials. In fact, we offer PVC, acrylic and metal.

Request a quote for your interior signs by calling us at 847-604-4321 or connect with us online.