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Restaurant Signs: from Interior to Exterior

There are plenty of fine dining options in the Lake Bluff, IL area, and if you’re an owner of one of these excellent restaurants, you’re probably aware that signage is important to your business. But maybe you’re a new restaurant owner, and all these signage options are overwhelming. Well never fear, because here’s a quick guide to what types of signs are best for restaurants.

channel letter signs in Lake Bluff IL

Channel Letters

The first thing you want people to see as they drive up to your parking lot, get out of the car and head inside to eat is an eye-catching exterior sign. Channel letters are a great choice if you want people to notice your eatery—and of course you do! They can be backlit for a cool effect at night. This type of sign is perfect for any dining establishment that stays open after the sun has set.

cabinet signs in Lake Bluff IL

Cabinet Signs

Another exterior sign option is the cabinet sign. These signs often feature a logo or design on the front, along with the name of your business. This could be a good choice for restaurants with a distinctive logo that’s already a part of their brand. Like channel letters, cabinet signs can also be lit, so your customers will see your sign at night.

LED Reader Boards

All business owners need a way to advertise their business hours, whether they’re currently open and also any hot deals or specials they’re now offering. Restaurants are no exception to this rule. But you as a new restaurant owner might be wondering how to do this in a modern, visually appealing way. Well, LED reader boards offer just that. They can be programmed with computer software that’s easy to use, making them ideal for small eateries. You can put up a reader board that simply says “OPEN”, for a basic LED sign. Or you can get fancy with digital displays. These signs can work both in the interior and exterior.

lobby signs in Libertyville IL

Lobby and Logo Signs

If you’re a distinguished restaurant that offers 3-course meals and fine dining, you probably want a sign that displays your restaurant’s name and logo in a foyer or waiting area. A well-made lobby and logo sign is an excellent way to do that. These are interior signs that can be easily installed, and end up looking great. They can be made of several different kinds of materials, from wood to glass.

Get Your Restaurant Signs Now

Now that you know a little more about the types of restaurant signs, go ahead and get yours today. Apex Signs and Graphics will gladly install any kind of restaurant sign, and help you decide on the perfect one for your business. Call now and get a free quote.