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Boost Workplace Productivity with a Customized Wall Graphics Design

The American Psychological Association (APA) explains that office landscaping, which just means the use of plants as part of the room décor, enriches workers’ perceived quality of life. But because the addition of plants takes away space for additional cubicles, equipment, and other business-related hardware or materials, more and more companies shy away from greening up the place. Is it possible to boost productivity and save space? The wall graphics design specialists at Apex Signs & Graphics, INC. believe so and here is how you do it.

Add Printed Plants

Wall graphics designYou do not have to raid the local nursery to boost productivity in your office. Sure, if you have space, this type of greenery will have a positive impact on the overall atmosphere in your setting and increase productivity in this way. However, when this is not an option, consider the addition of printed flora.

  • Stylized images. You frequently see stylized pictures of flowers or green plants in schools. There, they present as parts of wall murals to beautify larger spaces. Rather than keeping an entire wall white, administrators have begun decorating with kid-friendly colors and images, which include flora.
  • Photos. A mural featuring a photo of a meadow in bloom, an orchard, or even a greenhouse with a broad range of plants can be an excellent addition to any space. We recommend sizing the photo so that it makes great use of the allotted wall space. Rather than featuring only one aspect of the image, you allow the entirety of the graphic to affect the area.
  • 3D graphics. Of course, when you want to go for the gusto and bring the maximum amount of realism to the office, you cannot go wrong with three-dimensional wall graphics. These images present blooms in intricate detail and are so lifelike that some folks will reach out for a touch just to make sure.

Boost Productivity Even More with Added Color Choices

Wall graphics designWhat happens when you combine color psychology with the images of plants? In a very real way, you enhance the boost. Consider that some shades of the color green stimulate creativity. At the same time, it is a color that fosters relaxation, which can be the missing counterpart in a high-stress environment. Graphics of green plants are therefore the ideal complement to your demanding workplace where space it at a premium.

But do not stop there. Remember that blue is a color commonly cited when seeking to enhance the output of workers. Rather than painting the walls in green and blue, however, consider the installation of three-dimensional plant images featuring the columbine, iris, hyacinth or orchid. We can add other colors for their inspiring, uplifting, and productivity-enhancing properties, too.

Discuss Your Productivity Questions with our Wall Graphics Design Specialists

Wall graphics designIf the idea of adding some no-maintenance greenery to your office for a productivity boost sounds like a good plan, contact our experts to talk about the details. By the way, if you have a difficult time choosing between 3D graphics and stylized images of green plants with big blue blooms, why not have both? Call us!

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